Data Visualization

Some recent experiments in visualizing data derived from the Proquest Dissertation Index.

Networks of Advisors and Students

This graphic shows the connections between Ph.D. supervisors/committee members and students. The arrows point towards the supervisee. The size of the circles and labels are proportional to the number of connections each person has (whether as supervisee or committee member.) Universities differ a great deal in whether or not their dissertation records show all committee members or only chairs, so faculty from some universities may be greatly over-represented. Only dissertations published since the mid-1980s have any useful metadata whatsoever, so this graphic shows only relationships from the past thirty years (and mostly from the mid-1990s on). It is a partial view of the largest interconnected set of nodes (3084) out of a total of 22,386 nodes with one or more connections. The graph was rendered in Cytoscape.

Update: I’m currently trying to find a better way to serve this large image. Stay tuned.

Dissertations produced by institution

This size of the circles is proportional to the number of dissertations in cultural anthropology produced by that institution since 1900. Hold your mouse pointer over the circle to get the full name of the institution, and the number of dissertations produced.