Shit’s getting real in more than one language

Back in March, I wrote a short piece analyzing the COVID-driven toilet paper hoarding phenomenon from an anthropological perspective.

Since then, it’s become my most visited post, and it has resulted in some spin-offs.

Most recently, Gustavo Santaolalla has posted a Spanish translation of the post here.

Before that, Dorjpagma Batsaikhan wrote a Mongolian version.

Way back in April, the Voice of America’s Mandarin language service interviewed me for a segment on toilet paper hoarding, which is on Youtube.

And last, but not least, Henry Alford interviewed me for a story that ended up in the New Yorker.

In the past few months, it hasn’t been this post that gets the most traffic however. My brief tutorial on how to use a virtual avatar in Zoom is the daily number one.

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